Optical Supply Co-Op

Phone: 866-osc-labs
Fax: 800-829-3938

Welcome to Optical Supply Co-op

Optical Supply Co-Op is a group of optical laboratories that have come together to create a community of cooperation and conviviality among its members. While obtaining group pricing from suppliers is certainly a focus for the group, it is not the only focus.

Our members share many common needs. OSC is committed to assisting members: in keeping current on industry news and events; by providing marketing assistance; by helping with training and employment issues; and, quite often, with a friendly ear to share issues and concerns with.

Chief among the activities OSC offers its members is the Annual Meeting and Golf Tournament. We use this opportunity for members to get together and discuss issues that affect us all, and have little fun while promoting fellowship among the member labs and vendors.

We have three membership levels, Basic, Advantage and Select. For information on joining OSC, please email info@osclabs.com or call (866) OSC-LABS / (866) 672-5227.